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Formaldehye Plant

Manufacturing facility

Our manufacturing facility of Formaldehyde, Amino resin and Phenolic resin is located at 2.5 acres of land in Assamanoor Village, Near Perumbavoor, in Ernakulam district. This plant was installed and commissioned during the year 2003-2004. The capacity of the Formaldehyde plant is enhanced in the year 2015 to 120 TPD to meet the increasing demand of the Urea-Formaldehyde resin from the Plywood industries.

This plant was imported from China in 2015. The production process is controlled by DCS and computer, hence we have high degree of quality control management system. The capacity of the plant was increased again and updated the technology by adding one more plant having 120 TPD capacity by replacing the old plant. Now the total capacity of the formaldehyde plant is 240 Ton Per Day.

Now we are one of the largest manufacturers of Formaldehyde in South India.

Production process

Formaldehyde is manufactured by the oxidation of methanol using silver granular as catalyst. The reaction take place in a temperature of 600-650°C in vapor state. Methanol is evaporated, mixed with air and steam and super heated to 120°C which is passed over the silver catalyst maintained at 600-650°C. Oxidation reaction take place instantaneously and the methanol vapor converted to Formaldehyde gas. This gas is dissolved in de-mineralised water to form aqueous solution of Formaldehyde -37%, generally known as Formalin (Commercial grade). The product is passed through different stages of quality control and we are maintaining ISI quality formalin 37% for industrial purpose. Since the silver catalyst is very critical by nature a high purity of Methanol (minimum 99.85%) is required for the process

Storage facility

We have a storage facility of 1250 MT Formaldehyde and 440 KL Methanol in the factory premise. Also we hired a storage tank 4600 KL capacity in the Kochi Port terminal exclusively for Methanol, in Kerala State, India.
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